Here is an example of a business that did.

Case Study 1:

Client A had been with the same IT Provider for almost 20 years. Their servers and network equipment were overdue replacement, were running poorly and exposed the company to several Disaster Recovery and security risks. The previous IT provider had been pushing this client for several years to do a server upgrade or move to hosted servers, both of which were quoted several times.  Client A thought the quotes were far too expensive for their needs. So, Client A contacted Integrity IT for a second opinion and competitive quote.  

Integrity IT met with Client A, discussed their requirements, and contacted their software providers to work out hardware/software/database specifications. Integrity IT then proposed a completely different solution, which was accepted by Client A.

The old servers and network equipment were replaced by Integrity IT for less than 1/4 of the cost that the previous IT Provider had quoted. Client A has now been running the new systems for almost 2 years. They have been thrilled with the improved performance and have had absolutely no IT downtime. All systems are secure and Disaster Recovery systems in place.

So, why wouldn’t you change your IT Provider to be Integrity IT?